Jul 03 2017

– CIMT appoints Scottish professor

Scottish professor George W. Crooks, OBE, Medical Director, has been appointed adjunct professor in digital health and care development at the Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT). The appointment runs until summer 2022.

Professor George W. Crooks has experience as a general practitioner, as Medical Director, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive with NHS 24 and as Medical Director for the Scottish Ambulance Service.

He has established and chairs the Digital Health Institute with the University and Edinburgh and Glasgow School of Art. DHI is Scotland’s innovative centre for digital health and care. He currently chairs or participates in a number of Scottish and international groups.

In our collaboration with Professor Crooks, we plan to exchange knowledge on implementing telemedicine between our regions and develop a number of new European telemedicine projects as well as bilateral projects. Professor Crooks will also act as a supervisor in relevant telemedicine projects.

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