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Why a Centre for Innovative Medical Technology?

Odense university Hospital wants to have a leading position in the use of medical technology based on sound documentation and research – an area where University of Southern Denmark excels – which is the main reason for the creation of CIMT in collaboration between the two institutions.

The University of Southern Denmark has a lot of research activities related to Odense University Hospital OUH (and New OUH) and the development of health and care technology generally. The people involved in this research need access to a unit at the hospital that can help establish contact with the clinical researchers so that the clinical effects of new technology can be thoroughly tested in the clinical setting – and in the end, so they have an outlet for the newly developed solutions.
Innovative medical technology, such as telemedical solutions, often carry with them extensive organisational and economic consequences, so it is important to have access to sparring and counselling on how to deal with these aspects and how to evaluate them for new technology – and to have access to other researchers involved in the field. Furthermore, it is necessary to have a team with the competencies to find funding for new research projects and who can create and manage relations with relevant (international) research and development environments.

At OUH many doctors, nurses and other care personnel experience daily situations and problems where new technology or service set-ups could present an improvement. An example of this are departments with many chronic patients where there is a need to lower the number of re-admissions and to improve patient compliance to treatment and general management of their disease. It could also be departments in need of better ways to communicate with patients, municipalities, general practitioners or other hospitals. These clinicians and entry point where they can get information on existing relevant solutions and where they can establish contact with people, who have the right knowledge on research and development of new technology for their particular area of interest.

Political support for CIMT

Along with the establishment of CIMT, the board of directors at OUH and leading personnel from the university have created an Innovation Council consisting of members of the OUH management, senior clinicians with special interest and activity in the field of medical technology and innovation, deans and heads of departments and institutes from the university and representatives from the other hospitals in the region, the mental health department in the region and the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark. Read more about the Innovation Council and its members here.

In the creation of the budget for 2013, the regional council of the Region of Southern Denmark has decided to create a professorship at CIMT and the joint research unit between OUH and the university. At the same time, the university has decided to create another professorship for CIMT research.

CIMT is expected to play an important role in the work towards the regional goals to create growth and business development throught the development of health and care technology. Based on experience with previous and current activities it is expected that the CIMT projects and tasks to a high degree will involve collaboration with local industry partners. This can be in the form of including existing companies to participate in research and development project as was the case with the development of both the Patient Briefcase and ePatch, but there is also a potential to create spin-off companies from the projects as new ideas and solutions come to life.

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