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What we do

CIMT is established as a centre with both operational and research obligations and will carry out the following tasks across both OUH and SDU:

  • Development, testing and evaluation of innovative technologies at OUH
  • Establish and carry out research projects within innovative clinical technology
  • Develop and execute international projects that support the overall innovation strategy
  • Ensure the documentation needed for decision support related to investments to executive staff
  • Coordinate activities on a regional level (sparring with the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, Welfare Tech, the Municipality of Odense and the department of Regional Development, etc.)
  • Represent OUH, SDU and sometimes the Region of Southern Denmark in relevant national and international networks, associations, projects and activities
  • Serve as a sparring partner in the development and preparation of the New Odense University Hospital

At the launch of the centre, current activities at OUH and SDU will be included in the portfolio of CIMT, but it will be CIMTs responsibility to identify, initiate and implement new projects and solutions along with relevant partners in and with relation to CIMT. The activities that will be incorporated into CIMT are: a number of on-going PhD studies and some studies that are currently being prepared at both OUH and SDU, 1 associate professorship in economy, 1 post doc, 1 assistant professorship and 1 associate professorship (position already filled). Additionally, the innovation and HTA projects in progress at OUH will become part of the CIMT portfolio. Read more about these on http://www.ouh.dk/default.asp?id=400669

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