Mar 22 2016

– CIMT contributes to global agenda on telehealth research

In collaboration with Birthe Dinesen from Aalborg University and the research group TTRN (Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network) CIMT has contributed to an article outlining a global research agenda for telehealth.

The comprehensive article describing the research agenda was published in early March in the Journal of Medical Internet Research and gives insight into the telehealth research carried out in Europe and the USA until now. The article also identifies a number of essential topics for future research, and is expected to have major impact in the telehealth research communities in coming years. 
In addition, the article contains a short description of the MAST model and references to the EU projects Renewing Health, United4Health, MasterMind as well as telemedicine studies carried out by researchers Lisbeth R. Minet and Benjamin S. Rasmussen from Odense University Hospital.

The article Personalized Telehealth in the Future: A Global Research Agenda can be found here.

Since the publication of the article it has been promoted in several places such as the latest newsletter from Medetel (THE INTERNATIONAL eHEALTH, TELEMEDICINE AND HEALTH ICT FORUM under the International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH)) as well as the website of the New Mexico Telehealth Alliance (the article was published March 9; it is necessary to scroll down the page quite a bit to find it).

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