Dec 16 2016

– MAST model validated through Delphi process and workshop with European hospital executives

On March 16th HTA consultants from CIMT held an international workshop for 20 hospital directors and other health executives from 12 European countries, as part of the SmartCare project.

The purpose of the workshop was to gain insight into whether the MAST model really supplies the knowledge about the effects of telemedicine that they need, when it comes to making decisions on telemedicine investments.

Based on the workshop and Delphi process applied in the validation process it became clear that the executives find the MAST model appropriate and relevant in assessing telemedicine solutions.

An article on the validation of the model has recently been published in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare

Read the article here: Validity of the Model for Assessment of Telemedicine: A Delphi study


Questions about the article and the MAST method can be directed to Kristian Kidholm, head of research and evalution in CIMT:  kristian.kidholm@rsyd.dk.




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