International Network The Region of Southern Denmark is known as an international front-runner when it comes to health care innovation, telemedicine, assisted living and innovative medical technology.
This is partly due to more than 20 years of participating in international activities and projects with the aim to develop, test and implement innovative services and solutions.
Several innovative health care solutions that are used on a daily basis at hospitals, in municipalities and by health professionals throughout the region were developed in and disseminated through international projects.

The Region of Southern Denmark is a 3-star reference site for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing and is involved in all three pillars of the partnership.
To promote the activities of the region and ensure an extensive and valuable European network, RSD has established a regional office in Brussels to strengthen the link between RSD and European key players.

The Region and especially the healthcare flagship Odense University Hospital (OUH) participates actively at European and International conferences about Health IT and OUH is one of the founding partners of the European Telemedicine Conference which every year brings forth the latest research and experiences around telemedicine throughout Europe. Additionally, OUH has a close collaboration with the global, cause-based, not-for-profit organization HIMSS (Health Information Management Systems Society) and is a part of the Nordic eHealth Exchange that aims at showcasing Scandinavian best practices within health care and bring best practices from around the world back to the Nordic countries and health care systems.

OUH has also held a seat on the governing board of Himss Europe for many years, which is also the case for EHTEL, the European Health Telematics Association.

As a highly specialized university hospital OUH has a strong focus on research and international research environments. Internationalisation is a central pillar in the research strategy and the hospital has ear-marked approx. 534.000 €/year to the exchange of high level researchers between OUH and the world. From 2015 that number will be raised to approx. 667.000€/year.

The position as an international front-runner and a HiMSS Stage 6 recognition for the main hospital (OUH) has ensured that RSD on a regular basis welcomes international delegations to the region to share our experiences and showcase health care advances. This is position is also the reason why international companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Honda, Accenture, Oracle and Kaiser Permanente, to name a few, all have established collaborations with the region and its hospitals about testing, development and implementation of advanced health care technologies.

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