OUH: Innovative clinical practices

Odense University Hospital (OUH) has a long tradition for working with innovation and development, testing and implementation of new technology. Today the hospital is using innovative solutions to improve and support treatment and workflow in various departments and processes.
Find out more about these services below:

Innovative technology used in daily practice at OUH:

Patient briefcase – primarily used for COPD-treatment but is also being introduced in other areas

Telemedical foot ulcer treatment

Video conference – used clinically in various way, eg. for preparation of surgery between OUH and other hospitals and for discharge conferences with municipalities

Video interpretation – foreign language translation provided via video by professional agency saves time and money

Cetrea – digital overview of patient flow at the Acute Emergency Admissions Centre



My Patient Pathway

OUH Find your way


Technologies that have been tested in projects but not implemented in daily operations:


3D photo optic camera for diagnosis of foot ulcers

Google Glass


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