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Health Technology Assesments at OUH

The HTA group at OUH is involved in HTA projects with OUH’s clinical departments, the Region of Southern Denmark, and European projects.

Depending on the needs of the clinical department, the HTA consultants work at all levels in HTA projects; from supervision to project management.


Our areas of expertise include, i.a.:

  • Assessment of telemedicine and other health technologies
  • Systematic literature search
  • Data analysis
  • HTA reports
  • Guidance/supervision (assistance about design of projects, methodology and evaluation approaches)
  • Teaching hospital-based HTA
  • Economic evaluations

Current MTV- and evaluation projects

Assessment of ”Young with diabetes – testing an app for young people with diabetes”

Early forecasting of expected return of new technologies

HTA of camera capsule endoscopy for detection of colorectal cancer




The HTA-group is responsible for the completion of a validation of the MAST-model. The validation will be carried out through a workshop with 20 hospital directors from 12 European countries, and through a Delphi process, where the participants will evaluate the importance of the information from the different MAST domains, and give suggestion for new domains and subjects that MAST should contain. The HTA-group also participates in the development of the new MAST model for the evaluation of Integrated Care technologies throughout the summer of 2016.


Connected for Health

The HTA-group is, with the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, included in the project as experts in evaluation, and is to investigate the value of telemedicine through optical fibre cable (also called Fiber to the Home). Pilotstudies are carried out in Sweden, Finland and Denmark, the HTA-group will assist the local project in order to secure that all MAST domains are covered.

Previous projects:

Assessment of “National implementation of telemedical ulcer monitoring”



New checklist for assessment of telemedicine solutions

Review of national and international studies of telemonitoring

HTA of Critical Information System Anesthesia (CIS AN)

HTA of hand disinfection robot





Kristian Kidholm was the workpackage leader of WP3 – evaluation, as MAST was applied to the project as an evaluation framework. Furthermore, the HTA-group also carried out the economic analysis of the project.


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