BookPlan/Cetrea Surgical

Odense University Hospital is a part of a pilot project by introducing the IT systems BookPlan/Cetrea Surgical in two selected departments with operating rooms at the Hospital. The solution is a booking and coordination system to the hospital service, containing a central planning module and a big screen solution with regularly update on patient flow. The purpose of BookPlan/Cetrea Surgical is better utilization of operating rooms including less time spending on planning, re planning and phone calls. A SMS (text) system has to reduce absences from ambulant visits. Increased teamwork/coordination across the involved parts in the operations supposed to provide a better working environment for the staff.

Politically there is a wish to increase the import of technologies with a labor saving potential and therefore it seems relevant with a solid documentation of the economic consequences in commissioning of solutions like BookPlan/Cetrea Surgical. In that connection an evaluation of the solution has been performed, consisting of a health technology assessment (HTA) to illuminate the value of the consequences of BookPlan/Cetrea Surgical applied on the operating area in the Region of Southern Denmark.

For further information, please contact Iben Fasterholdt.

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