Review of national and international studies of telemonitoring

The Danish Agency for Digitisation, a section of the Danish Ministry of Finance, have asked CIMT to produce a review of the national and international experiences of the effectiveness of home telemonitoring of patients with chronic disease.

The Danish Agency for Digitisation is chairman of the National Coordination Group for Telemedicine which consist of, The Association of Danish Regions, Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior, The National Board of Social Services, Danish Health and Medicines Authority, MedCom, National Health-IT and representatives from the five regions and tree communities.

The overall objective of the review was to describe the national and international experiences with home telemonitoring in accordance with the Model for Assessment of Telemedicine (MAST). The aim was tocreate a common knowledge base for the parties in the National Coordinating Group for Telemedicine in relation to evidence and potential effects of home telemonitoring.

The final report includes three elements:

  1. A literature review of the evidence of home telemonitoring in Danish and international literature.
  2. A status of international home telemonitoring projects (based on MedCom’s database of Danish telemedicine projects)
  3. A description of the 11 selected projects (8 Danish and 3 foreign) referring to MAST.

Overall the results show that the level of evidence was too low to draw general conclusions about the effects of telemonitoring. In the coming years there will be more studies in this area, but new research will still be necessary to chart especially the organizational and economic effects of tele medical home monitoring.

Experience collection was conducted from May to December 2014 and can be found here (both in danish):

The report 


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