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Beyond Silos

Druck – Joint activities encouraging the uptake of integrated eCare services across Europe

The Beyond Silos project wants to bring the topic of integrated eCare forward in Europe and internationally. The Beyond Silos activities comprise regularly conducted conferences as well as this online forum to facilitate the networking between interested stakeholders and to spread the knowledge that is available so far. The forum facilitates the exchange of experiences among healthcare service providers & professionals, eCare service providers, the IT industry, policy makers and public administration as well as researchers. Patients, clients and informal carers will also find valuable information on the forum website. Use cases showcase examples of ICT-enabled integrated care provision, complemented by information on existing policy frameworks, and practices in Europe.

Beyond Silos will enable the delivery of integrated care to older European citizens to support their independent living within the community by providing advanced ICT tools in order to integrate care pathways across organisations and locations, in particular between social and health service providers. A key area of integration is to provide common access to home platforms which already provide monitoring of physiological parameters, environmental and behavioural monitoring and functions for self-care such as daily schedulers, medication management, falls prevention, exercises for cognitive faculties training and coaching. In BeyondSilos these platforms are to be opened to cross-sectorial care teams, improving the ability of older people to manage their chronic conditions at home and deal with their increasing frailty. The ICT platform will enable regionally customised integrated care models and care pathways which will be borrowed from the SmartCare Pilot A currently in the implementation phase.

CIMT and Odense University Hospital leads WP 6: Evaluation of pilot projects and the main objectives are: to detail and finalise the methodology for pilot evaluation, to improve the current evidence base on implementation barriers/facilitators and outcomes for/of integrated BeyondSilos services, to ensure that evaluation data collection is carried out according to the common methodology across all pilot sites; to carry out the evaluation baseline for all pilots; to carry out follow-up evaluation for all pilots; to carry out 2nd follow-up evaluation for all pilots; to carry out final evaluation for all pilots; to report on the results of all pilots according to common scientific standards and to feed evaluation results into exploitation support activities.


The evaluation work will be organised in three main phases: (a) start-up scoping and preparatory work, (b) detailed evaluation specification, planning and methods development and (c) implementation and reporting. Initial planning will start early to align with and as appropriate, influence work on user requirements and Service Specification. Based on MAST, the methodology will be finalised once details of the services and the needs of important stakeholders/roles have emerged.

Duration of project: 01/02/2014 – 01/02/2016

Read more about the project on the project website: www.beyond-silos.eu.



Claus Duedal Pedersen
Chief Innovation Officer

Anne-Kirstine Dyrvig
Innovation Consultant and PhD


 cip_enThe Beyond Silos project is co-funded by the European Commission within the
ICT Policy Support Programme of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).
Grant Agreement No.: 621069


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