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Connected for Health

The aim of the Connected for Health –project is to test health technology applications and develop remote services to the social welfare and health sector. The goal of the project is to collect information on how do fast communication networks create possibilities for patients’ home care as well as bring cost savings. To find the solution, four pilot projects will take place – two of them in Finland, one in Sweden and one in Denmark.

Moreover, in the Connected for Health-project

  • FTTH will be used to explore, identify and test new and existing eHealth solutions and making new combinations of services.
  • This is done to benefit elderly people and people with disabilities and illnesses living at home in rural areas of Denmark, Finland and Sweden through the collections of eHealth experiences.
  • Best practices in home care with the help of FTTH will be mapped and their usability and transferability across Europe assessed.
  • Usability of technologies and services will be studied from the point of view of various users and stakeholders.
  • Cost-savings (in terms of money and time) will be calculated for the FTTH home care.
  • The different pilots will be evaluated using the MAST methodology.
  • Recommendations for the wider use of FTTH in home care across EU will be drafted.
  • The work of Action Group B3 (integrated care) and Action Group C2 of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) will be supported through the results of the pilots.

Pilot in Denmark

Piloting activities in Connected for Health-project will demonstrate the practical benefits of high quality, open FTTH network through the delivery of smart health solutions. These benefits will improve the quality of life of the patients and increase the cost effectiveness for the health care professionals.

Each of the pilots will test and assess eHealth solutions that have the potential to support home care services and create new opportunities for health care. The aim is to describe and specify which eHealth solutions make the handling and administration more profitable and financial sustainable, faster and easier. Tele-medical solutions can become a real possibility for the health professional personnel, where it creates value for the patient.


  • Develop a concept for supporting the use of video consultations – for example technical support for the patients, logistics support, statistical data on the use of video consultations pared with other statistical data on e-health/healthcare
  • Cover, specify and test possibilities to use the same technical solution for both health and social care.
  • Specify and test standards and interface, which make possible to use the technology (e.g. smartphone, PC, TV, tablet) that the patients have already invested in.


For more information about the project, visit the website or contact

Kristian Kidholm
Chief consultant, associate professor, Head of Socio-Economic Research at CIMT
(+45) 3058 6477

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