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APPlied Health

Mobile Health – or mHealth – meaning the use of smartphones and tablets for health care, diagnosis and treatment is a constantly growing global industry. Also in Denmark and Germany it an established industry with a turnover of several billion euro a year that offers patients and medical practitioners better and more relevant information about treatment, self monitoring, access to hospitals, procedures, processes and much more.

That is why OUH, along with German partners from a previous project, has started a 2-year project of development of a line of mHealth applications with selected clinical areas. The partners are Odense University Hospital (OUH) as project leader, Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education (EAL), University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein – Campus Kiel (UK S-H) and Fachhochschule Kiel – University of Applied Sciences. Two clinical departments at OUH; the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics and the Department of Rehabilitation will be included in the process of identifying issues and challenges that can be solved by using mobile health services. The project will be rooted at OUH in the Section for LEAN and Innovation, Department of Operational Excellence and It.

The purpose of the project is to map out existing national and international mHealth applications and research the possibilities of creating new innovative services in a close dialogue between patients and the hospital.


The project

The overall goal is to create new tools for clinicians and patients in the form of applications for smartphones within three areas: Treatment, communication and diagnosis. The goal is to create 4-8 prototypes in close collaboration with the users from the hospitals, students at the two academies and industrial partners.

The project also aims at giving the IT departments in the two participating hospitals a deeper knowledge of how to develop, update and service the health apps introduced into the hospital by industrial partners and developers. This ensures that new apps will not be outdated and useless, but instead are maintained, adapted and continuously updated in cooperation between the users and service organizations in the hospitals. This also means that all precautions in relation to data safety, operation ability, integration with existing systems and strategic IT development is taken into consideration from the start. Thus the ownership of the apps developed by the project will be in the IT department and IT staff will be a part of the creation process for each app.

Throughout the project the target users will be invited to workshops centered on idea generation and discussion of relevant problem areas and challenges.


The Danish contribution

OUH and EAL have already been looking into the potential for creating apps for gynaecology/obstetrics and rehabilitation which will add value for both patients and staff at the hospital, and steps have already been taken towards the development of 5 mobile apps:

1)    App for patients with gynaecological cancer, built on a website created by a PhD student at OUH.

2)    App for the prevention and management of obesity in relation to pregnancy.

3)    App to promote that pregnant women stop smoking.

4)    App for rehabilitation and training for patients with spinal arthritis.

5)    App for rehabilitation of patients treated in the Department of Cardiology or Department of Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery.

Another app currently under development is the “Find your department app”. The app will help patients, relative and new staff to find their way around the hospitals in Odense and Svendborg. The app is created in collaboration with the company Woerk.


OUH will be the project manager throughout the project lifetime from September 2012 to December 2014. This means that OUH besides providing clinical knowledge, input for development and user testing will also be in charge of project management and promotion. For this OUH will receive 284.000€ from the European Regional Development Fund. OUH is contributing with 35% own finansing for the project.


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Screen shot from the Find Your Way app..

Please see www.appliedhealth.eu for more information.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the INTERREG4A programme. 


See a video from the project here:




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