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COLLIN – COLLaboration for INnovation

For a number of years OUH has had a close collaboration on projects with the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel, Germany (UKSH), and this relation has now resulted in the project COLLIN that aims at transforming the project collaboration to a long-term partnership and strong network.


Through the concluded project ROBIN (ROBotics – INnovation in Healthcare), the university hospitals in Kiel and Odense have established a cros- border network for mutual learning and development in the field of health innovation. Apart from the two hospitals, the network comprises many other important institutions such as The Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein (WTSH), Life Science Nord, Welfare Tech Region, Robocluster and the Maersk McKinney Møller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark.


The purpose of the COLLIN project is to create a framework and conditions for sustainable cross-border innovation that will lift the two regions to an even stronger position in innovative health care technology. Additionally, the goal is to identify a possible future innovation project of substantial size. COLLIN will be the platform to identify possible relevant partners and to carry out the necessary preliminary discussion to pave the way for such a project. COLLIN will only have a limited focus on concrete innovative solutions and technologies during the short project period, and will instead centre on exchange of knowledge and ideas, as experience shows that this leads to fruitful insights and new ideas.


Former projects have shown that the two clinics are facing similar future challenges in respectively the construction of a new university hospital (OUH Odense) and comprehensive changes in both logistics and development structures (UKSH Kiel). The Region of Southern Denmark is already quite active in the field of innovative health technology and UKSH has a lot to offer in terms of sophisticated research, medical technology and a clinical setup with maximum patient flow. All in all there is great potential for value creation through transfer of knowledge and ideas between the two hospitals.


COLLIN aims at creating and shaping structures for a sustainable collaboration between the partners that other hospitals can become a part of in future projects. Furthermore, the project will strive to elaborate guidelines for a systematic approach to hospital innovation that matches the conditions and demands of any hospital.


The activities and goals of the project include:

  • Intensifying and expanding the contact between UKSH, OUH and other existing network partners through regular participation in meetings and conferences
  • Initiation of contact and dialogue with other potential partners in the health care and innovation sectors. This also includes other hospitals in the neighboring regions to uncover the possibilities for future collaboration
  • 1-2 cross-border workshops about a selected topic such as solutions for clinical logistics and transportation
  • Coordination and execution of an excursion with relevant decision makers in the clinical and administrative departments of both partner hospitals.
  • Development of a tailor-made systematic approach to carrying out clinical innovation in hospitals
  • One of the long-term goals is to establish an innovation department at UKSH Kiel inspired by the Innovation Department at OUH. This entails workshops with the administration at UKSH to demonstrate the value of persuing “hospital innovation” systematically and with administrative support, and not just leave it up to the clinical staff


The role of OUH in COLLIN is thus to ‘mentor’ UKSH in the establishment of an innovation department, to arrange and host study trips to Odense, participate in study trips to Kiel, hold meetings and workshops and ensure the participation of key innovation staff from OUH, and to maintain, develop and strengthen the strategic network with UKSH.


The project runs from 1 April 2013 to 31 May 2014 with a total funding of 94.000 €, of which OUH will receive 61.000€. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the INTERREG4A programme.


Rikke Lyngholm (3)

Rikke Lyngholm Hansen-Christensen
Innovation consultant

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