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Connected Health

Research shows that Danish patients see the hospital as an obscure system characterized by slow processes. The patients experience insufficient communication and they lack an overview in their course of treatment.

Through an innovative approach to patient information, and communication, Connected Health wanted to meet these challenges through the further development and dissemination of the app “My Patient Pathway”, at OUH – Odense University hospital and Svendborg Hospital.

The app ”My Patient Pathway” is built as a modular system, containing patient and course of treatment information with graphics and videos. As a patient it is possible to have an overview of where you are in your course of treatment, and what is going to happen in the future.

The main focus is patient empowerment and optimizing the continuity of care. This is done through self-monitoring and clear and targeted patient information.


The Connected Health project started February 1st 2015 and ran until July 31st 2016. The project was funded by Trygfonden.


During the project period both specific and general functions and modules have been added to the app interface. All of these have been developed in collaboration with the clinical staff and patients who are the users of the app. Connected Health has helped mature the app to make it useful throughout the hospital so that many more clinical departments can now easily adopt the app to their needs and offer it as a new service to their patients.

Through Connected Health the app has reached a very high level of implementation at OUH and other regional hospitals:

  • Clinical areas integrated in the app and available to patients: 30
  • Departments using the app: 19
  • Digital platforms: IOS, Android, Mobilefirst web, Test web, test App Store
  • Innovation and development workshops: 40


Contact person

Marie-Louise Krogh
Innovation consultant

(+45) 5055 8485






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