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The Region of Southern Denmark (RSD) is participating in the EU project called SmartCare.

In total more than 20 European regions and 40 partner organizations are participating in the project – with RSD as one of four pilot regions. 

The main contribution of RSD is the Shared Care Platform (see below).
The purpose of SmartCare is to collect and share experiences on the support of IT in complex patient cases between a number of European countries.

The project started in March 2013 and runs until August 2016.

One of the focal points of the project is evaluation of both process and the effects of using integrated health IT solutions – in our case the Shared Care Platform. As the leading MAST-model expert Odense University Hospital (OUH) is responsible for the evaluation part of the project and for supporting the regional project manager in the introduction of the Shard Care system in the hospitals in the region.

The Shared Care Platform

SharedCare Logo

The Shared Care Platform has been developed to support the cross-sectoral health collaboration in more complex patient cases where general practitioner, municipality and hospital join efforts throughout the treatment period.
Shared Care is a platform for communication between these actors that allows all health professionals involved to get an updated overview of the patient’s condition in one screen shot that contains data from all three sectors. A treatment plan for the patient can be created in the system so that all health sectors can contribute and follow the development, and it is possible to create and register goals for the treatment.

The patients can access their own data and can contribute with in-home measurements, changes in their condition, answer questionnaires before visiting the clinic, use it as a health diary etc. The patient access is developed to function from both computers and mobile platforms (tablets/smartphones). The platform is integrated with the laboratory system, the national cpr register and the Sentinel ‘data-catch’-system used by the Danish general practitioners.

The platform is so far developed to support the Danish patient programmes for hearth patients but can be configured to any patient programme where there is a need for an increased cross-sectoral effort and where collaboration agreements are in place between all involved health and care organizations. This way the system can easily provide information on co-morbidity.

The Shared Care system is the next step in the development of IT-support of health care collaboration that the implementation of electronic communication between hospitals, primary and local care and general practitioners has paved the way for. The platform is especially designed for the patient groups that are in need of a heightened degree of collaboration between sectors.

The portal is the result of a 3-year project financed by the ‘Fund for Chronic Disease Management’ and was developed by the Region of Southern Denmark in cooperation with IBM. The portal started operating in April 2013 at Svendborg Hospital and patients are currently being added to the system. During 2013 and 2014 the portal will be integrated into the systems at the remaining hospitals in the region.

The next step now is to introduce the portal to general practitioners and municipalities and help them integrate it with their existing systems.

The SmartCare project is run by project manager Maria Hardt-Madsen, from the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark. For more information please contact Maria at maria.hardt-madsen@rsyd.dk.

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