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Prevention of Acute Admission by Tele Health (PAATH) – a pilot project

The project was terminated in May 2017 with very promising results. Due to the good results, the project continues as part of the GERI suitcase-project.


Well-developed countries are undergoing a demographic change towards ageing populations. By 2040 the number of 80+-year olds will have increased by 100 % compared to today. As high age is associated with increased morbidity, disability and acute hospitalizations, the ageing populations ahead will challenge the health care system as we know it today. In order to balance public health care resources to the demographic transition, innovative health care solutions are needed.
The municipality of Svendborg, in the Region of Southern Denmark, has implemented acute community nurses (ACNs), which assess older citizens who are suspected of having an incipient health threatening condition. The ACNs carry-out basic in-home clinical assessments (e.g. blood pressure, pulse, O2 saturation). If necessary the results are reported by telephone to the citizen’s general practitioner (GP) or the on-call GP for further directives. Such an organization of acute primary health care is regarded as effective in terms of timely intervention and reduction of adverse health outcomes. However, if more advanced objective clinical measurements during the ACN in-home assessment are included, e.g. on-site biochemical analyzes of blood samples, and the results immediately uploaded to a common IT platform, then all information may be accessed by a GP, and this may clarify the acute situation and increase the basis on which clinical decisions are made. Such timely interventions have the potential of avoiding acute hospital admissions of older citizens.
The project ran from 1st of January 2016 to 1st of May 2017.
The Region of Southern Denmark, Odense University Hospital managed the project, with collaboration from EWII Telecare, Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, Svendborg Municipality, departments of geriatrics at Odense and Svendborg hospital and Svendborg Lægelaug.


This pilot study aimed at demonstrating the possibilities for 1) objective clinical measurements carried out in-home, and 2) subsequently uploaded to a common IT platform accessible from primary and secondary electronic health record systems. The study focused on the feasibility of implementing the needed innovative IT health technologies.


If successful, a research project will be designed to study the effects of early intervention through ACN administered telemedicine in older adults in order to prevent health deterioration and to reduce acute hospital admission by timely detection and early intervention of acute diseases.
PAATH has been funded by the Agency for Digitisation.
Contact persons:
Janne Rasmussen
Karen Andersen-Ranberg



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