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Adjunct professor Anthony Smith

Adjunct professor Anthony Smith

Adjunct professor Anthony Smith

Dr Anthony Smith is an Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the University of Queensland’s Centre for Online Health (COH) at the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH).  He also holds an affiliate Associate Professor appointment at the Queensland Children’s Medical Research Institute as a research theme leader.

Dr Smith has more than 14 years of research experience based on investigations of new telemedicine applications for the benefit of clinicians and patients in regional and remote areas of Queensland, Australia.

In 2004, he completed a doctorate degree in the field of medicine, by examining the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of a novel telepaediatric service in Queensland. Previously, Dr Smith has had over ten years’ clinical experience as a registered nurse specializing in paediatrics and child health.

Over the last decade, the COH has earned international recognition as a pioneer in the field of telepaediatrics (i.e. the delivery of paediatric health services at a distance).  In collaboration with the RCH, the COH provides routine telepaediatric services for children all throughout Queensland – involving a broad range of specialties including burns care, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, neurology, orthopaedics and psychiatry.

Dr Smith’s specific research interests include the evaluation of feasibility, cost-effectiveness and diagnostic accuracy of telemedicine applications in the context of paediatrics and child health.  Current research includes the evaluation of wireless (robot) videoconference systems in paediatric wards; home telemedicine consultations for children with chronic health conditions; email-based telemedicine support; and a community-based telemedicine health screening programme for Indigenous children in the South Burnett region of Queensland.  

Dr Smith has made a significant contribution to the literature on telepaediatrics publishing more than 90 papers in peer-reviewed journals, three edited books and 12 book chapters on telemedicine related topics.  Dr Smith continues to present his work through publication, national and international conferences and local meetings.


Collaboration with CIMT

Dr Smith has a unique background as a registered nurse and a doctorate degree in medicine. He also has extensive experience in Health technology assessment, telemedicine etc. which is of utmost importance in respect to CIMT.

The collaboration is expected to comprise of the following activities:

  • Visiting Denmark once or twice a year Dr Smith will give lectures to the master students in clinical nursing, give lectures in relevant conferences in nursing and health technology, offer lectures for the clinical staff in the Region of Southern Denmark and define mutual research projects with CIMT researchers leading to common publications
  • When relevant, Dr Smith can hold an opponent function for PhD defences
  • Exchange of students and post docs.

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