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Jane Clemensen, Head of Clinical Research

Jane Clemensen - Associate professor, Head of Clinical research. Jane.clemensen@rsyd.dk (+45) 3057 6717

Jane Clemensen – Associate professor, Head of Clinical research. Jane.clemensen@rsyd.dk (+45) 3057 6717

Jane Clemensen is associate professor and head of clinical research at CIMT. She is currently associated with 5 PhD-students, and is the main supervisor of 4 of these.
Furthermore, she is responsible for the new master in clinical nursing, cand.cur., at University of Southern Denmark. Jane is a member of the management group and responsible for the module regarding health technology (10 ECTS).


Research activities

PhD students:

  • Supervisor for Kristina Garne Holm, Clinical Institute, SDU: ”Tidligt hjemmeophold: Anvendelse af telemedicin for forældre til præmature børn indlagt i eget hjem”. 2014-2017. Co-supervisor: chief physician Gitte Zachariasen afd. H, Anne Brødsgaard, external lector, Hvidovre Hospital dep. 460.
  • Supervisor for Pernille Ravn Jakobsen, Clinical institute, SDU: 2014-2017. ”Mobil sundhedsteknologi – et tilbud til postmenopausale kvinder, der får konstateret osteoporose”. Co-supervisor: Pernille Hermann, chief physician dep. M, OUH, Jens Søndergaard, professor medicine, SDU og Uffe Kock Wiil, professor, ph.d.; Mærsk McKinney Møller institute, SDU.
  • Supervisor for Charlotte Myhre Jensen, Clinical Institute, SDU: 2014-2017. ”Telemedicin, som en mulighed for optimering af ortopædkirurgisk patientforløb – specifikt patienter indlagt og operativt behandlet for osteoporotisk hoftefraktur – og der dermed skabes patient-empowerment. Co-supervisor professor Søren Overgaard, dep. O, OUH og Uffe Kock Wiil, professor, ph.d.; Mærsk McKinney Møller institute, SDU
  • Supervisor for Charlotte Nielsen, clinical nursing specialist, Department of Nephrology: 2016-2018. “The kidney transplant process, patient inclusion and mHealth”.
  • Co-supervisor for Carl Brandt, Department of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark: “Langtidseffekten af Interaktiv online diætist Vægttabsrådgivning i Almen praksis (LIVA) – Et randomiseret kontrolleret studie”. (the effect of online exercise and dietary guidance in an online network connected to a dietician in the medical practice, in comparison to a regular website with information). Supervisor: Professor Jens Søndergaard


Jane works with a research design called Participatory Design (PD), the aim of this is, with a starting point in clinical problems, to develop technologies that can change the health services we offer. For instance, a project could revolve around a patient receiving services at home instead of at the hospital. PD is a well-known design, especially within computer science, and has also proven to be an appropriate research design within health technology. Jane applied this design for the first time in a health science context in 2003 through her PhD project, which was accomplished at the institute of computer science (Alexandra Institute) in Aarhus.


Other research activities

Jane is also affiliated with the TOF-project (early detection and prevention), which is a systematic and early detection of lifestyle risk factors, and targeted health promotion and prevention of chronical diseases in the primary sector. The project is run by Professor Jens Søndergaard.

External funds

In 2015 CIMT and Jane received 300,000 DKK from the hospital’s internationalization fund, in order to fund a five-year collaboration with adjunct associate professor Dr. Ronald Dixon, Boston, USA.

In 2014 CIMT received 300,000 DKK from the hospital’s internationalization fund, in order to fund a five year collaboration with adjunct professor Anthony Smith, Brisbane, Australia.

The osteoporosis project has received 640,000 from the Region of Southern Denmark’s research funds.

International activities

In late 2015 Dr. Ronald Dixon was given an adjunct associate professorship at the University of Southern Denmark and CIMT based on the exisiting collaboration with Jane and their plans for future collaboration on specific research projects. Dr. Dixon visited Odense in October 2016 and the two are now working on concrete plans for the joint research that will take place in the next 4,5 years.

Since the fall of 2014 Anthony Smith has been affiliated with CIMT as adjunct professor. Anthony is an acknowledged researcher from the Centre of Online Health in Brisbane, Australia. Anthony has a background as a nurse, and 15 years of experience with research in telemedicine. Our expectations towards this cooperation are high, and will include; student exchange, mutual education of students (web based), initiation of joint projects, which can result in joint publications. Anthony was in Denmark in June 2015 and again in the spring of 2016 and has been directly involved with a number of projects and activities in CIMT, such as Kristina Garne Holm’s project on a telemedicine solution for neonatal care.

In September 2014, Jane went to Brazil with the Danish health minister, as one of four appointed researchers from Denmark. Her contribution was four presentations and participation in a panel discussion. Subsequently, a research group consisting of Jens Søndergaard, Henning Beck Nielsen, Janus Laust Thomsen and Henrik Gaunsbæk from CIMT, has entered into a dialogue with the University of Sao Paolo, regarding the description of a common project. The preliminary drafts have received support from the general consul in Sao Paolo and the research attaché from the ministry of foreign affairs, Denmark.  


Other activities

The visit to Brazil resulted in 3 publications – 2 debate contributions in Altinget (an independent online newspaper regarding Danish politics), and an article for Brazilian Review. Furthermore, the research group was invited to have lunch with the Permanent Secretary and head of department from the Ministry of Health, where, among other things, CIMT’s research activities were discussed. 

Jane often speaks at events, both nationally and internationally. She also teaches at PhD-, master- and bachelor-levels.



Jane is a member of the minister of health’s dialog committee. Odense University Hospital and Capital Region’s assessment committee (research funds), and Healthy Research editorial group. Jane is also adjudicator in regards to scientific positions and PhD applications.


Publications through CIMT

– More info to come – see publication list for CIMT here.



Mail: jane.clemensen@rsyd.dk
Phone: (+45) 3057 6717


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