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– Kevin Dean, Managing Director, Smart Health Science

Kevin is the Managing Director of Smart Health Science Limited (www.smarthealthscience.com), providing support on innovation in health & care to private, public and third- sector organisations. In November 2013, Kevin was named by the Health Service Journal as one of the 50 Top Innovators in Healthcare.

For over 14 years prior to founding Smart Health Science Limited, Kevin led Cisco’s global open innovation team focused on health, care and life sciences, working closely with customers at national regional and local levels, including the NHS in England, Scotland & Wales; in many countries across the world where Kevin and his team supported the development of eHealth strategies; and with the European Commission and World Health Organisation. Kevin and his team also developed innovative new products and service combinations for Cisco.

Kevin now works at the leading-edge of medical, health and care technology and information use by patients, their carers and families, researchers, clinicians and health & care managers. Kevin advises investors, technology companies, research organisations, life sciences companies, policy makers and government bodies, healthcare payers and providers, and social innovators.

In addition to working as an advisor, Kevin is also deeply involved in delivering innovations in health & care. In August 2013, Kevin was invited to join the Board of Genomics England Limited (www.genomicsengland.co.uk), a company owned by the UK Department of Health, that is delivering the 100k Genome Project announced by the UK Prime Minister. The MIT Technology Review named Genomics England in 2014 as one of the world’s 50 Smartest Companies. Kevin is the Chair of the Data Advisory & Information Governance Committee and a member of the Audit Committee. Kevin is also the Chairman of RxEye AB (www.rxeye.net), a company based in Sweden delivering innovative healthcare collaboration and remote reading technology services for the global market.

Kevin is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and also of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, where he is a member of the Healthcare Policy & Strategy Committee, and the Internet of Things Leadership Group. Since 2009 Kevin has been an Honorary Research Fellow at City University, London. Kevin is also a member of the Advisory Board of Patient@Home, Denmark’s largest welfare-technological research and innovation initiative with focus on new technologies and services aimed at especially rehabilitation and monitoring activities within the Danish public health sector.

Since 2012, Kevin has been Visiting Professor in Telehealth & Assistive Living at the Maersk Institute, University of Southern Denmark and holds an advisory role in Centre for Innovative Medical Technology at Odense University Hospital and the University of Southern Denmark.

Published in 2003 and with over 35,000 copies printed, Kevin edited the book “Connected Health”; a follow-up book, “The Health & Care Revolution”, was published in mid-2011 with a colleague from City University, London, by the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI).  

An Engineer by training, Kevin has broad industry experience over the last 30 years working at the transition of inventions from research to market deployment. Prior to Cisco, Kevin worked on initiatives in the Healthcare, Life Sciences, Energy, Airline and Automotive sectors. He has worked with companies such as GKN, General Motors, British Telecom, BP, Shell, British Airways, Ericsson, Samsung, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Merck as a manufacturing systems engineer, manager and consultant, developing and implementing new technologies and information systems.

Specialties: Innovation Management; Healthcare; Life Sciences; Healthcare policy; Healthcare Research & Development; IT strategy; Telemedicine; Telehealth; Assisted Living; Telecare



2012 – present            Mærsk Institute, University of South Denmark
Visiting Professor, Telehealth & Assistive Living
Advisory Board Member, Patient@Home Programme

2009 – present            City University, London
Honorary Research Fellow, Biomechanical Engineering

1982-1985                    Van Mildert College, University of Durham
BSc. (Hons) Engineering Science & Management



2014– present: RxEye Ab

2013- present: Smart Health Science Limited
Founder & Managing Director

2013- present: Genomics England Limited
Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Data Advisory Committee

1999 – 2013: Cisco Systems,
Global Managing Director, Health, Care & Life Sciences,
Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group

1996-1999: Andersen Consulting
Associate Partner

1994-1996: Electronic Data Services (EDS)
Managing Consultant

1988-1994: Ernst & Young
Managing Consultant

1985-1988: GKN Technology
Senior Manufacturing Systems Engineer

Additional roles Kevin has held include:

1999-2006            Advisor to British Airways

2000-2003            Advisor to Director of Research, Development & Information, UK Dept. Of Health

2003-2006            Advisor to Ministero della Salute, Italy

2003-2007            Advisor to European Commission ICT for Health Unit

2003- 2007           Advisor to Healthgrid Association

2004- 2008           External Member, NHS Direct New Media Committee

2006-2008            Member, BT Global Advisory Board

2006-2010            Chairman, External Reference Group, NICE eGAP;

2006-2008            Advisor, Scottish Government (Ministerial level) – eHealth

2007-2009            Information Prescriptions Board Member, UK Dept. of Health

2007- 2013           IT Programme Board – National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

2008,2009            Judge & award presenter – NHS Innovations London

2014                     Judge – Health Service Journal Innovator Awards

2014-15                Judge – AxaPPP HealthTech and You Awards


Bibliography (sample only):

  • Contribution to UK Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Report, Volume 2 – Ch11 Horizon Scanning (March 2013)
  • The Health and Care Revolution (ISBN 978-1-936968-02-2, 2011)
  • eHealth 2008 – Connected Health, what does the future hold? (September 2008)
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  • Connected Health (ISBN 0-9546445-0-6, 2003-2005, various reprints to 35000 copies)



Public Speaking (examples only):

  • Digital Health Assembly (Cardiff 2015) – Genomic Medicine and Big Data
  • 2020health House of Lords Reception (London 2014) – Genomics England
  • European Telemedicine Conference (Rome 2014) – Social Media & new models of Care
  • UNIK Conference (Copenhagen 2013) – Solving Healthcare’s Innovation Problems
  • Hospital + Innovation (Odense, 2013) – Innovation in Health & Care
  • NHS Innovation Expo (London 2013) – The Internet of Everything & its impact on Patient Experience
  • COPD8 (Birmingham 2012) – Chronic disease – a technological response to the challenges
  • Health4Informatics (Birmingham 2012) – Constantly inventing, seldom adopting – solving the NHS’ innovation problem
  • World of Health IT (Copenhagen, 2012) – Adoption of eHealth
  • Digital Health (Manchester, 2011) – Innovation in healthcare
  • Medica (Dusseldorf, 2011) – eHealth Panel
  • World of Health IT (Budapest, 2011) – Mobility in healthcare
  • Fondation Concorde (Paris, 2011) – The Information Revolution
  • NHS Innovation Expo (London, 2011) – The Information Revolution; The Health & Care Revolution
  • Oslo Innovation Week (Oslo, 2010) – Healthcare 2030
  • World of Health IT (Barcelona, 2010) – eHealth Market
  • Health Innovation Expo (London, 2009) – Telemedicine excellence
  • NICE National Conference (Manchester) 2008 – Using technology to drive change
  • World of Health IT (Copenhagen), 2008 – Strategies and visions of eHealth leaders
  • Centro di Ricerche e Studi in Management Sanitario (Milan) 2006 – From eHealth to Connected Health
  • Royal Academy of Engineers (London) 2006 – Mobility in Healthcare
  • International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (Pune, India) 2006 – From eHealth to Connected Health
  • World Healthcare Congress, (Paris) 2006 – Promoting and managing IT innovation
  • EU Health Ministers Conference (Tromso, Norway) 2005 – Just Make Me Better
  • Pasteur Institute (Paris) 2005 – Patient Engagement

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