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Kristian Kidholm, Head of Socio-Economic Research

Kristian Kidholm Chefkonsulent, lektor kristian.kidholm@rsyd.dk (+45) 3058 6477

Kristian Kidholm
Associate professor
(+45) 3058 647

In my function as head of research at CIMT, one of my roles is to have the overview of all of our research activities and assist researchers and PhD-students, who focus on innovative medical technologies at OUH. This is not always an easy task.

Innovative medical technology is many different forms of technologies, which involve many different scientific areas. So far, we have focused on telemedicine and health-IT-systems, but it is still a very wide field of interventions and systems for very different groups of patients.

The research activities are hence very diverse in CIMT. From large randomized studies to observation studies with 8 patients. From economic analysis of expenses per patient, to interview studies with clinical personnel. From studies of older patients with COPD and high mortality, to studies of pregnant young women.

To be able to handle this diversity of projects and research methods, the function of head of research is shared between Jane Clemensen and I. At the same time, we and PhD-students, are able to draw on the clinical and technological experts, who are affiliated with CIMT.

However, there are also many other problems, which are all common for researchers in CIMT, e.g. which telemedicine journals and conferences are best for my research, is anyone else at the University of Southern Denmark working within the same field, who can help me with statistics, who knows anything about economy in healthcare and organizational analysis, who can assess the legal aspects of my research, and so on. We try to help in all of these aspects as head of research.

To be able to solve these problems, I have 12 years of employment as an HTA-consultant at OUH, where I have helped clinical personnel to carry out HTAs of new treatment and technologies. I am also a PhD and lector in economics of health at COHERE at the University of Southern Denmark, with a special focus in economic analysis of telemedicine. I am currently co-supervising PhD-students Anne-Kirstine Dyrvig, Iben Fasterholdt and Kathrine Rayce.

My own research has, so far, mostly focused on the development of MAST (Model of ASsessment of Telemedicine), which is a model, or framework, to evaluate telemedicine. The model is the most widespread evaluation model for telemedicine in Europe today, and is currently used in 5 larger EU-projects with more than 30,000 patients. In Denmark, the model has been described in both national and regional telemedicine strategies, the Coordination group for telemedicine recommends a short checklist to evaluate telemedicine (also known as the mini-MAST), as the basis for regions and municipalities to decide whether or not to implement telemedicine solutions.

Read more about MAST here.

I also spend my time evaluating telemedicine in international projects, as the leader of evaluation work packages in the current projects United4Health and Patient@home, and Renewing Health, which ended in 2013.

I am located at Kløvervænget 8, 3rd floor, in the Department of Quality, Research, Innovation and Education.
In the fall of 2015 I completed a 3 month stay at Berkley in California – read more about my stay in California here.


  • Anne-Kirstine Dyrvig: “Transferability of Results of Multidisciplinary Evaluations of Telemedicine – COPD Briefcase as a Study Case”. 2012-2015. (co-supervisor).
  • Iben Fasterholdt: “En model til tidlig forecast af forventet afkast af nye innovative medicinske teknologier på danske hospitaler. Case: telemedicinsk patientkuffert”. 2013-2016.(co-supervisor).
  • Kathrine Rayce: “Telemedicinsk træning i et hverdagsperspektiv for kronisk syge KOL-patienter: et tværsektorielt studie”. Protokol godkendt, finansiering næsten på plads. Studiet forventes at starte i 2015. (co-supervisor).


Publications through CIMT

– More info to come (See the list of CIMT publications here)



Mail: kristian.kidholm@rsyd.dk
Phone: 3058 6477

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