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MAST – Evaluation of telemedicine solutions

MAST – Model for ASsessment of Telemedicine applications – is a model or framework for assessment of the outcomes of telemedicine applications and services.

The ideas is that if you have a telemedicine service and your objective is to describe effectiveness and contribution to quality of care of the service, and to produce a basis for decision making regarding the investment in the service eg. at a hospital or a municipality, then the relevant assessment is a multidisciplinary process that summarizes and evaluates information about the medical, social, economic and ethical issues related to the use of  telemedicine in a systematic, unbiased, robust manner.

In practise this is done by assessment of outcomes of the technology within 7 domains:

1. Health problem and characteristics of the application
2. Safety
3. Clinical effectiveness
4. Patient perspectives
5. Economic aspects
6. Organisational aspects
7. Socio-cultural, ethical and legal aspects

In the article by Kidholm et al. (2012) and the MAST manual you can find information about how this can be done in practise within the seven MAST domains.


MAST is currently the most widely used framework for assessment of telemedicine services in the EU. The following current EU projects are using MAST to evaluate their services:


In addition, the largest Danish research project on welfare technology and telemedicine, Patient@home, is using MAST as a general framework for assessment of the innovative technologies, see patient@home

More information on MAST can be found around the web, especially on the website of the Renewing Health project which was the first to really test the model at scale:

– See the published article by Kidholm et al. (2012) describing MAST: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22617736

– See the MAST-Manual at http://www.renewinghealth.eu/assessment-method

– See a guideline for analysis of the outcomes of telemedicine within all MAST domains at http://www.renewinghealth.eu/assessment-method

– See videos presenting how to analyse data within the 7 MAST domains at http://www.renewinghealth.eu/web/rh-international/news-and-events/-/asset_publisher/nPw9/content/10th-february-2012-in-treviso-mast-seminar/maximized


– In collaboration with reserachers from OUH and Aalborg University, a short introduction to MAST has been produced  in Danish. The e-book is entitled “Evaluering af telemedicin og velfærdsteknologi i patient@home. En vejledning til MAST” and can be downloaded from Syddansk Universitetsforlags hjemmeside

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