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Mette Maria Skjøth

PhD, innovation consultant

Joint position between:
Centre for Innovative Medical Technology, Odense University Hospital
Lillebælt Academy, Odense
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Mette Maria finished her Ph.D in September 2015. She is now partly employed by OUH and partly by the Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education to strengthen the collaboration between the two institutions, for example by making innovation a natural part of the curriculum for students and by bringing innovative ideas and projects from the students to OUH for testing and further development. In addition Mette Maria is contribution to the research activities in a number of CIMT’s international projects and is in deeply involved in the execution of InnoEvent2016.


Mette Maria’s PhD project

Title: “Informed Choice about Prenatal Screening for Down syndrome – The Development and Effect of an eHealth Tool”

Prenatal screening and diagnosis is testing for diseases or rare conditions in the fetus before birth.
The aim is to assist the pregnant women to make their own decisions, and neutral and adequate counseling is a prerequisite during prenatal diagnosis. To make an informed choice, the pregnant women must be informed about the benefits and potential disadvantages of prenatal diagnosis and with this background be able to make a comprehensive evaluation, where ethical values will have a high impact.

In the work for a healthier society and high quality care, the aim of this project is to use advanced technologies to ensure easy access to professional health information about prenatal diagnosis to pregnant women.

The overall purpose of this project is to increase pregnant women’s knowledge of prenatal diagnosis, and thereby an option to make an informed choice. The project is planned as a research into whether the use of an eHealth solution (in this project an interactive website) may be an appropriate intervention for pregnant women.

Part one consists of an identification of the problem – What are the challenges for pregnant women and for the health care system / health staff in relation to information about prenatal diagnosis?
Part two consists of developing a website with relevant information about prenatal diagnosis.
Part three is an effect measurement. The effect of the intervention is measured through a randomized controlled trail in which the essentials of the measurement will be the pregnant women’s knowledge and behavior in relation to prenatal diagnosis. Twice 600 pregnant women will be included in the project.

The research aims at generating new knowledge about ways to inform pregnant women about prenatal diagnosis and prenatal screening. The expected results are:
– Higher knowledge about prenatal diagnosis for the pregnant women.
– Less difficulty in making an informed choice for the coming parents.
– Easy access to high quality information.
– Equity in access to high quality information.


See a short video presentation of the PhD study here:


Abstract: MMS – Abstract

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