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Ronald Dixon, adjunct associate professor, MD, medical director, Massachusetts General Hospital

dixon1_headshotDr. Ronald F. Dixon is a medical doctor who also holds an MA in Clinical Neuropsychology. He is a Medical Director at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, USA and the Founder and Director of “MGH Virtual Visits”. He also holds a position as Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, where he teaches and works as a mentor of medical students and residents (interns) interested in technology implementation in outpatient medical practice. He also holds a position at the Center for the Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology, where he leads Point of Care testing and Clinical Innovation.

Dr. Dixon is a pioneer in applied telehealth. He has more than 9 years of experience based on investigations of new telemedical applications for the benefit of clinicians and patients in both Massachusetts, California and Singapore. “The Virtual Practice” started as a Pilot in his clinic, and is now operational in multiple medical centers in the Partners Healthcare Group and at University of California, Los Angeles.

Dr. Dixon is the creator and designer of The Kiosk Healthcare Delivery Systems, now up and running in two different health systems in Singapore with more than 30,000 patient encounters. The Kiosk is a collaborative effort between healthcare and biomedical engineering that has resulted in a device that automates the delivery of common primary care services such as vital sign measurements. The Kiosk also integrates the measurements into personal chronic disease follow-up. For example, patients with diabetes can “check-in” at the kiosk and have their blood pressure measured and their A1C level checked without requiring personnel. The tests are integrated into the device and check-in is automated which has helped relieve pressure on the staff who can now dedicate their time to other patient care tasks where a personal relation is needed.
Dr. Dixon firmly believes that this mix of technology and patient care is best rooted in strong relationships between patients, providers, and health systems.

Collaboration with Centre for Innovative Medical Technology and OUH

The combination of Dr. Dixon’s background as a medical doctor combined with his significant interest and experience in clinical telemedicine adoption and deployment makes him an ideal partner for CIMT and Odense University Hospital.

The collaboration will especially focus on Dr. Dixon’s work with telemedicine seen from a practical perspective and how to move telemedical projects from pilots to clinical practice.  The aim is to collaborate on identifying, selecting and evaluating appropriate tools and strategies for telehealth technology adoption and scaling, with an eye on improved patient experience and outcomes as well as improved conditions for hospital staff. We will also qualify techniques most effective for overcoming cultural and incentive barriers to adoption and implementation.

During the adjunct professorship is expected that Dr. Dixon will visit Odense 1-2 times annually to:

  • give lectures to relevant master and PhD students
  • hold presentations at conferences in health technology and clinical practice organized by CIMT
  • define mutual research projects leading to common publications in collaboration with relevant scientists from OUH and SDU
  • offer lectures for the clinical staff in the Region of Southern Denmark
  • facilitate exchange of students and post docs


Dr. Dixon will visit Odense for the first time in October 2016, where you can meet him at his inaugural seminar on Oct. 11th at 16.30-18.00 at Odense University Hospital.
See the inivitation for the seminar here: Invitation to inaugural seminar for Dr Ronald Dixon


Hear Ron Dixon talk about innovating healthcare in videos on www.bigthink.com, where he’s one of the experts in the field of healthcare and innovation: http://bigthink.com/experts/rondixon


Contact in CIMT:

Jane Clemensen
Head of Clinical Research
Mail: jane.clemensen@rsyd.dk
Phone: 3057 6717

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