Conference, Oct. 10th 2017: Robots and Drones for Health – Innovative Ideas for Improving Clinical Outcomes

October 10th 2017, Odense Congress Center

The conference presented the latest technological breakthroughs and future perspectives along with best practice examples and experiences from the health sector where the robots are slowly but surely making their entrance.

For a glimpse into the future, the conference also hinted at how drones can play a key role in the future of healthcare.

The speakers were robot researchers from the University of Southern Denmark and clinical staff from OUH Odense University Hospital who presented the latest knowledge and experience as well as future potential for the use of robots and drones in hospitals like OUH.

Programme for the conference can be downloaded here


Some of the slides from the conference can be found here:

Gitte Rasmussen: Human-robot interaction, WHINN 2017

Anders S. Stengaard: RoboTrainer

Per Aagaard: Robots for Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

Peder Jest: Drones in health – clinical perspective

Kjeld Jensen: Drones in Health – Engineering perspective

Niklas Woermann: The last 10 meters – Human-drone interaction

Søren Andreas Just: Ultrasound robot development, OUH and SDU

Esmaeil S. Nadimi: Slides not available due to publication considerations


Questions about the conference can be directed to:
Lea Bohn, Odense University Hospital, or
Uffe Kock Wiil, University of Southern Denmark


The conference was part of WHINN – “Week of Health and INNovation” – a health technology and 
innovation festival in Odense organized by the many health and technology organizations in Odense, 
also called the Odense health and technology cluster.

WHINN is one of its kind – one week with conferences, side events, exhibition, matchmaking and 
networking activities – all within health and innovation.

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